Are You Looking for a Digital Marketing Expert with Solid SEO and Social Media Skills?

Hi, I’m Robert Wright, a professionally trained, skilled and experienced Internet marketing expert, certified since 2002 in advanced Internet Marketing Strategies. You can reach me at 970-379-2744; I’m in Colorado.

Digital marketing and especially Search Engine Optimization are my specialties. I started my career in Internet marketing and search engine optimization back in 1999. I’ve been helping businesses perform online with social media since 2006. Today, at the forefront of most success stories online are solid user engagement strategies. Some of the expertise I provide for your business includes keyword forensics, competitive intelligence data, marketing assessments, expert SEO advice, Facebook marketing, Twitter and YouTube content and strategies, vertical search integration, content authoring / optimization and syndication, usability testing, reputation repair and management, blogging tactics, link development, micro community exposure and social media stimulus, code rehabilitation, Website design, programming, analytic synthesis  and more. My clients learn and enjoy success from search and social media marketing strategies and tactics that are proven effective and provided by a veteran SEO expert and social media marketing pioneer.

My Web site is here to help you in a couple ways. First, if you are looking for a professional SEO and/or a bona fide search engine marketing expert who really understands the roles of quality content for social media optimization and search marketing, and how these are leveraged today, then you will be able to learn about all the services I offer as a highly regarded and respected Internet marketing specialist. There is page after page here explaining just what it is that I can provide you with, which, once you’ve hired me, will seriously contribute to your success. When you realize how much is involved in achieving true and lasting success on the Web, you’ll appreciate why it is that intelligent business owners, like yourself, contract with an SEO expert and social media professional like myself.

I provide my select clientele with advanced online marketing expertise, super-clean white-hat search engine optimization and excellence in Web site troubleshooting and custom solution building. I am also exceptional at deconstruction of marketing quagmires and dilemma. I have helped many companies and corporations with domain crisis resolution.

Second, if you are looking for “do it yourself” SEM information, you’ll find great resources, links, articles and information here also. Have a look at the the Miami Herald article written about search engine marketing, featuring yours truly, Robert Wright. You should check out my Internet Marketing blog too.

Here are a few important questions you might want to ask before you hire a professional to help:

  • Are you utilizing search engine optimization?
  • Are you also promoting your business with Social Media? Is your Website Social enabled?
  • Is your Website really mobile responsive?
  • Does your Web site convert? Are you measuring your return on investments?
  • Is your business configured for local search, mobile search and maps?
  • Are others talking about you online? Is what they say positive?
  • Are you gathering competitive intelligence? Do you know why others out rank you in search?
  • Are you using a content calendar?
  • Is video part of your content marketing strategy?
  • Is your Internet Marketing suffering from penalty or devaluation?
  • Are your search marketing efforts “white hat” and search engine guideline compliant?

 For expert help from a digital marketing expert,
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