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Hi, I’m Robert Wright, a highly trained, skilled and experienced Internet Marketing Specialist, multi-year certified since 2002 in advanced Internet Marketing Strategies. You can reach me at 970-379-2744; I’m in Colorado. You have just found an SEO expert and Web marketing strategist who started practicing search engine optimization and promotion back in 1999. I’ve also been helping businesses perform online with social media since 2006. Some of the expertise I bring to your business includes keyword forensics, competitive intelligence, marketing assessments, SEO expert advice, Facebook marketing, Twitter and Youtube promotions, vertical search, content authoring / optimization and syndication, usability, reputation repair and management, blogging, link earning, submissions and social stimulus, code rehabilitation, Website design, programming, analytics and more. At you’ll learn about serious search and social media marketing services from a veteran SEO Expert and social media marketing pioneer, who has been practicing optimization and Web promotion since 1999.

My Web site is here to help you in a couple ways. First, if you are looking for a professional SEO and/or a bona fide search engine marketing expert who really understands the roles of social media optimization and search marketing, and how they are leveraged today, then you will be able to learn about all the services I offer as a highly regarded and respected Internet marketing specialist. There is page after page here explaining just what it is that I do, which, once you’ve hired me, will seriously contribute to your success. When you realize how much is involved in achieving true and lasting success on the Web, you’ll appreciate why it is that intelligent business owners, like yourself, contract with an SEO expert and social media professional like myself. I would have to say that I am enlightened at my occupation. I provide my select clientele with advanced online marketing expertise, super-clean white-hat search engine optimization and excellence in Web site troubleshooting and custom solution building. I am also exceptional at deconstruction of marketing quagmires and dilemma. I have helped many companies and corporations with domain crisis resolution.

Second, if you are looking for “do it yourself” SEM information, you’ll find great resources, links, articles and information here also. Have a look at the the Miami Herald article written recently about search engine marketing, featuring yours truly, Robert Wright. You should check out my Internet Marketing blog too, it is coming right along. Enjoy your visit and come back often. In fact, go ahead and bookmark this page now as a favorite so you can find it again easily.

Before you start navigating the Web site, I would like to ask you a couple more questions, just to get you thinking like an SEO guru does.

  • Are you utilizing search engine optimization?
  • Are you also promoting your business with Twitter and Facebook marketing?
  • Does your Web site convert? How is your Return on investment?
  • Are you configured for local search, mobile search and maps?
  • Are others talking about you online? Is what they say positive?
  • Are you gathering competitive intelligence? Do you know why others out rank you?
  • Are you confident in your search engine marketing firm?
  • Do you know how to determine the credibility of an SEO expert?
  • Are your Internet marketing efforts White hat, search engine compliant?

(I hope you don’t mind the Hindu twist Mr. Web Guru has chosen for his home page from here on. It just flowed from the keyboard this way. Also, it is the original text of my previous Web site, version 1.0, and still being relevant, I didn’t want to just scrap it, you’ll see why. A lot of people liked it.)

If you answered “I don’t know” to any of the above questions you should realize the answer to all of them is likely “no.” However, soon you will confidently say “Yes” to these questions and more about the success of your business online! Keep reading Atman, for all of your Internet marketing karma is about to turn good! Mr. Web Guru’s SEO services have proven to be nearly divine.

Isn’t it amazing that so many of the nicest looking and informative Web sites in the world are buried so deep in the results pages of the top Search Engines? Maybe you have not noticed this because you, like others and myself, rarely go past the first or second page of results. If you don’t find what your looking for by then your Samsara changes and you may even try another search engine. It really is very important to attain high natural and organic search engine positioning to find happiness on the Web.

I would venture to say that 90% of the web design caste in the world today are fairly clueless as to the true Yoga needed to effectively market the sites they publish. Mastery of the search engine chakras and successful Internet marketing with search engine optimization, aka., SEO, is in itself a highly skilled and specialized Dharma.

It is true that Search engine indexing is important, and Mr. Web Guru performs that task with ease. However, keep in mind that there are no single Vedas that will put your web site on top of the Search Engine positions. There are in fact many crucial elements and components and tactics which need to be expertly employed, simultaneously and progressively, in order to achieve that elusive condition known as search engine bliss.

Having attained spiritual mastery over the Maya of the Internet, Mr. Web Guru, a true SEO expert, utilizes cutting edge, ongoing, search engine marketing training, proven effective power techniques, and top of the line hardware and software to research, optimize and effectively market your Web site to page one on the major search engines. Serious search engine positioning for many related and competitive keywords and phrases! I can help you in many, many ways, so keep reading Avatars and Divas for you are quickly drawing nearer to Internet Nirvana.

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