Search Engine Workshops, Advanced Strategies – Day Two

Adam’s Mark has a pretty good breakfast buffet. Tomorrow I think I’ll try the Denver omelet.

John Alexander started out today with a session about LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) originally known as “Latent Semantic Analysis.” John explained some basics about the technology, which is an integral part of any “theme-based” search Algorithm, such as is Google’s, then he went on to give a demonstration on how to use LSI to theme documents. I’ve been theming to enhance SEO for three years now! This was a good session.

Next, Robin Nobles delivered the goods with her talk about the Missing Element in SEO. She took us on a cognitive trip to the right side of the brain and showed how to get past the block of logic with true creativity.

Then Robin talked about Blogging and it’s power in generating traffic and links.

Next, Robert Wright (wait, that’s me) gave a presentation on Social Networking, showing how the practice predates the launch of the Internet, and is actually the precursor to chat, forums, usenet, groups, instant messaging and bookmarking. I then talked about the different types of social networks extant today and how they bring together masses with similar interests, making friends, sharing images, video, music and building associate networks on sites like Ecademy, LinkedIn, Digg,, Orkut, MySpace, Bebo, Facebook, Yahoo 360 and Utube. I thought it was an okay presentation.

Lunch! I ate way to much at the Italian restaurant. El Gordo!

After Lunch Robin presented on the Power of Internal Linking, covering subjects such as link popularity, link reputation and Google Page Rank.

Then we had another Web site clinic. I love them clinics!

Dave Berry ended todays workshops with a long, detailed session covering Google AdWords and Webmaster Tools.

All in all, another fine day at the Search Engine Workshops in Denver

I’ll be back.



  1. says

    You left out beating Dave Barry at pool in the bar after the workshop!

    Yes, Robert did a GREAT job with his presentation on social networking that went hand in hand with my blogging strategies presentation.

    I asked him to do that presentation on the fly, and he did a beautiful job.

    Thanks, Robert — you’re the best, and I applaud you for caring so much about your clients to keep your skills up to date on a yearly basis and getting your SEO certification renewed every year. Not many SEOs care as much as you do. Your clients are fortunate.



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