About the RankQuest Toolbar

The SEO Toolbar that RankQuest developed is awesome. It has a whole slew of nifty applications all bundled into a nice neat package. Before I had to use several different pieces of software, some that I purchased to do my daily SEO Expert analysis thingys but now I can tackle a few of those dozens of important tasks from one place, my browser.

You just load the domain that you want to work on into Firefox, turn on the tool bar and wallah! goodies at my finger tips! Theres a code to content ratio, an html validator, code cleanup suggestions, link checker, lynx viewer, a sweet little KDA (Keyword Density Analyzer), a load time gauge, and a meta tag viewer and generator. There is also a site map generator. And there is more, Search tools and even quick WhoIs data. The Link Popularity checker only works if you have a Google API, which I don’t because I’m not a developer, and since Google deliberately skews all back link data, this is the one weakness of the tool bar, to claim it reveals link pop info. They should have pointed this part of the tool to Yahoo and it would be even greater. Hey now theres an idea…
Just yesterday I found a serious problem I had been overlooking on a clients site (ooops, but I didn’t make it, I am just fixing it). It was some erroneous code that was being calculated as text and was skewing all of our densities.

I’ve been using this tool since August of 2006 but I’ll probably use it even more often now. This tool is so helpful that They’ve earned a link from me. You can download the toolbar here. This app does not do your work for you but it is nifty in helping you find work that should be done. Great job RQ.


  1. pradeep says

    i tried Rankquest toolbar . It is awesome many tools ,services(sites) bundeled in a single toolbar.

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